• TENA® Small Incontinence Briefs

TENA® Small Incontinence Briefs

Moderate to heavy absorbent protection and security against leakage. Also suitable for fecal incontinence. With hook tabs for unlimited refastening without tearing the product to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Features the InstaDri Skin-Caring System technology for excellent dryness, and dual core technology to rapidly absorb urine and retain it away from the body. Soft nonwoven backsheet for wearer comfort and dignity.

  • Designed for smaller waists
  • Odor Control technology to reduce the effect of urine odor
  • Shaped to fit the body for comfort and security

Product description

Designed for smaller waists

TENA® Small Briefs will fit the smaller wearer with a comfortable and secure feel.

Odor Control technology to reduce the effect of urine odor

Contains super absorbent polymers designed to reduce urine odor, giving the individual a feeling of freshness and dignity.

Shaped to fit the body for comfort and security

Softly curved leg elastics ensure a close body fit for a secure and comfortable protection.

Wetness indicator helps determine when it is time to change

There is no need to open the product to find out if it needs changing. The wetness indicator on the outside turns from yellow to blue to show when it needs to be changed.

Moisture proof protective lining

TENA® Briefs feature a moisture proof lining to protect clothing and bed linen against wetness. The lining runs the full length of the product for optimal coverage.

Quality assurance is our promise to you

TENA® Briefs have the production code printed on each product to allow tracking of the production date and time for increased quality control.



Fits waist sizes:

22in to 36in

Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 12 Pieces
  • Case: 8 Packs

Product specification

Product Article
Color Absorbency Size Waist
Pieces Pcs/
TENA® Small Incontinence Briefs 66100 Green
S 22in 36in 12 96