Her business is your business

Her business is your business

Meet the needs of women – and grow your pharmacy business

Today’s women have a holistic view on health and live active lives longer, with 80% viewing fitness, mental health and well-being as one(1). They want a pharmacy that provides an assortment for all their health-related needs and a pharmacist that offers valuable advice on medical, health and lifestyle aspects. 

With a relevant assortment you can meet the changing requirements of today’s women and become a one-stop-shop for all their health-related needs. By leveraging your expertise, you can differentiate from competition and drive traffic to your pharmacy.

Grow your pharmacy business with TENA range for women

Become a health hub with the TENA range for women

25% of women worldwide live with incontinence(3), but they don’t let incontinence get in their way. Frequently buying incontinence products to fit their active lifestyles, they want discreet, secure and feminine products for every need and usage occasion. 

With the TENA range for women, you can improve your female health offering by providing all of the above requirements in different absorption levels, styles, sizes and colours. The TENA assortment will strengthen your pharmacy’s position as a one-stop-shop for all women’s health-related needs. It will also create new possibilities to build customer loyalty and opportunity for cross-selling.

the TENA range for women

Unlock the potential of incontinence products

We know that 78% of women with bladder weakness don’t use incontinence products yet. But the number using purpose-made products is constantly increasing(4). 

The TENA range for women can help you unlock the untapped potential and maximize the business opportunity of incontinence products. By appealing to women who frequently need to visit the store to buy incontinence protection, the TENA range for women supports you to grow your pharmacy business by building sales and customer loyalty.

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The TENA range for women – builds pharmacy sales and loyalty

• Helping you become a health hub for women 

• Driving frequent shoppers to the store 

• Providing great possibility to build loyalty 

• Creating large opportunity for cross-selling 

• Helping you maximize the potential of incontinence products

New revolutionary and improved incontinence products

These new TENA products are innovated to help women maintain an active lifestyle whilst providing discretion, security and a feminine design to meet the needs of millions of women.

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New revolutionary and improved incontinence products

The TENA range for women now includes:

• New and revolutionary TENA Silhouette – transforming “protection pants” to secure underwear 


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