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Jenny's Joy of Elephants

In her 78 years, Jenny Bond, from Brookdale Meridian Temple in Temple, Texas, had lived adventurously. Whitewater rafting. Skydiving. Skiing tall mountains. Back in 1960, she was enchanted with an elephant playing a harmonica at the Munich Zoo. Ten years later, the elephant played the same song at the zoo. “It was like he remembered us.” Then she read an article about 3 elephants who remembered each other after being separated for 30 years. Ever since, Jenny had wished to meet and touch an elephant.

TENA and Wish of a Lifetime sent Jenny to the Houston Zoo on November 18, 2016. Jenny not only got to touch an elephant but also received a painting created by one and an adoption certificate for an elephant at the zoo! “The perfect end to my adventure was to lay my head against her side. It was more than I wished for at any time,” said Jenny.

We were inspired by you, Jenny, for wishing big and living large, regardless of age.

Image of Jenny Bond Posing With an Elephant - TENA Professional