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TENA for Long Term Care

Provide individualized care for your residents and additional training for your staff, with our wide-range of product and service offerings.

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TENA for Senior Living

Our unique products and services support your home in providing personal, dignified and efficient care.

For Pharmacies, HME's & DME's

TENA For Pharmacies, HME's & DME's

By partnering with TENA you can increase customer satisfaction and the growth of your business.

TENA Cares - Partnership, Innovations, Solutions.

Our Pledge

As your care partner, TENA is there to support you and those you care for. Our number one priority is helping our partners deliver the best incontinence care. Partnership, Innovations, and Solutions are the cornerstones of our commitment.


TENA® partners with you in your continence management goals.

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TENA® continuously innovates and provides quality products and continence management solutions built upon customer insights.

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With over 50 years of experience, TENA® is the global continence management solutions leader1. Our solutions support dignity and quality of life for those living with and caring for those with incontinence.

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TENA/SCA really cares about their customers and providing the most cost-effective products. A company you can trust not to take advantage of you.

Nicole Danger, NHA,
Wisconsin, USA

Discover our full range of high-quality incontinence and personal hygiene products .

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Innovating for better care

We have 50 years of experience innovating and evolving our products and services for better incontinence care.

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1SCA Data on file; 181 TENA Solutions case studies around the world, mainly Europe but also the USA, Canada, and China. 2011−13.