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Administrators & Purchasing Agents

Offer the best quality of care at your facility with TENA products that meet the needs of your residents and staff.

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Medical Suppliers & Pharmacies

Partner with TENA to increase customer satisfaction and further grow your business.

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Professional Caregivers

Learn how TENA provides committed support for your daily routine.

TENA Professional


Our solutions are proven to provide residents with better care.

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Innovative Products

Quality and innovation for more rewarding care.

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TENA Solutions

Integrated offer for best-practice care routines.

TENA Services

We offer tailored solutions with personal guidance and practical advice that helps you get the most out of our services.

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TENA Products

Discover our full range of high-quality, innovative products with proven benefits for improved continence care and personal hygiene.

TENA Professional Products for Skincare


93% of staff responded by saying that they felt TENA products allowed them to spend more quality time with their residents.

Director of Nursing,
Long Term Care Home

Selected Products

TENA Stretch™ Ultra Briefs

Designed for moderate to heavy protection

TENA® Bathing Glove

Pre-moistened bathing glove for caring and convenient dai...

TENA UltraFlush™ Washcloth

Practical application, premium quality