Value Simulator

Try out this simulator using your own values to see how TENA Solutions for Long Term Care Homes will allow you deliver better care and lower your costs.

In a typical nursing home environment, incontinence products account for about 1% of the overall yearly budget. [1] However, continence care and dealing with the consequences of incontinence could be up to 10% of that same budget. [2] Causes of consequence costs include inappropriate product selection and routines that result in too many product changes and waste.

Selection of the wrong products also leads to skin irritation and leakages – with additional laundry of wet sheets and clothes. Incontinence-related work can also be stressful and cause sick leave and high staff turnover.

Step 1: Adjust your values


Step 1: Start - Fill in your values.

Step 2: Adjust your values in the next screen to see how much the different parameters can affect your long term care home outcomes. Percentages displayed will indicate the possible improvements.

Average number of products per resident in 24 hours
Caregivers per resident at product change
Percentage of residents needing skincare treatment
Dress-to-dress time per product change
Percentage of leakage per absorbent product change
Step 2: Adjust your values


1Products make up 1% of the total costs” Source: CREMS, University Carlo Cattaneo, Italy 2010.
2The estimated percentages used are based on extensive internal and external research, experience, and accumulated data.