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TENA® Personal Care Solutions Program

Improving the Quality of Care for Residents with Incontinence

The TENA Personal Care Solutions Program is a convenient, discreet system that delivers continence products to your facility for each participating resident. Each resident gets the exact products they need, the correct size, and in the right amount based on their individual usage.

The program helps foster better continence management, giving you better quality control and peace of mind.

Resident Well-being

  • Manages resident incontinence with comfort, dignity and discretion
  • Offers incontinence education support to help understand the condition and treatment
  • Provides discrete product consultation to identify the best product choices
  • Convenience and peace of mind knowing that the right incontinence products are available when they need them.
  • Improves residents’ quality of life

Facility Benefits

  • Incontinence education & resources geared to caregivers and staff
  • Caregiver product and proper fit training
  • Revenue opportunity
  • Can help improve working environment & caregiver productivity

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