TENA® InstaDri Air™ Underpad

TENA® InstaDri Air™ Underpads are designed to provide maximum absorbency for urine loss. The specially designed core is soft, breathable and comfortable for the user. Excellent choice for pressure reducing beds. Not recommended for air loss therapy beds.

  • Even distribution of fluid
  • Special breathable film to promote skin health
  • Strong nonwoven backsheet for comfort

Product description

Even distribution of fluid

Special pin-hole structure allows an even distribution of fluid, which prevents clumps and blotches. Moisture lock controls odors and bacteria.

Special breathable film to promote skin health

The breathable film prevents liquids from leaking through onto bed linens. Moisture vapor and excess heat can escape, helping to prevent skin breakdown.

Strong nonwoven backsheet for comfort

The strong nonwoven backsheet helps to maintain the shape and prevent bunching for more comfort.

Super absorbent polymers for protection

Designed with super absorbent polymers to help wick away moisture into the underpad and reduce odors.

For use with pressure reducing beds

Great for use on gel, foam, or static air pressure reducing beds Not for use on air loss therapy beds.




Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 7 Pieces
  • Case: 10 Packs



Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 5 Pieces
  • Case: 8 Packs

Product specification

Product Article
Color Dimensions Pieces Pcs/
TENA® InstaDri Air™ Underpad 359 White 23x36 7 70
TENA® InstaDri Air™ Underpad 360 White 30x36 5 40
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Medical Device

Medical Device

Only single use

Only single use

Address of the Manufacturer

Address of the Manufacturer

Essity Hygiene and Health AB, SE-405 03 Göteborg, Sweden

Visitor's address

Visitor's Address

Mölndals Bro 2, Mölndal, Sweden