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Introducing TENA Complete +Care with Smart Design

TENA Complete +Care ™ is the new standard for value, providing secure incontinence protection plus a more comfortable fit.

Resident Comfort

Infographic 41 percent - TENA Professional

more absorption capacity where it matters most vs. comparable competitors*
Improved leakage protection

Infographic 60 percent - TENA Professional

thinner large core vs. comparable competitors*
Increased resident dignity

Infographic 3 times more - TENA Professional

softer material vs. current TENA®**
Increased resident comfort

An Innovation Over 3 Years in the Making

We used our expertise and deep insights around resident & facility needs to balance product performance from both a quality and cost perspective.

After years of research involving professional decision makers, caregivers, and residents we identified the product features and benefits that matter most. As a result, we created TENA Complete +Care™, the new standard for value and comfort.

TENA Complete Innovation Infographic - TENA professionals


* Based on 3rd party lab testing TENA Complete +Care™ size L vs. Medline® FitRight® Basic size L and Prevail® Nu-fit® size L.
** Based on 3rd party lab testing TENA Complete +Care™ vs. TENA® Dry Comfort.