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TENA MEN – Make room for MEN in your store

Introducing the next generation of male incontinence protection. TENA MEN Moderate Guards are the discreet and secure male incontinence pads that enable men to live active lives.

Masculine design for discreet security

With an enhanced, masculine design and improved fit, TENA MEN Moderate Guards express high quality and performance, with a premium feel. TENA MEN guards let men stay in control and live active lives. 91% of men testing the products were satisfied and rated the products highly[1].


  1. Masculine design expressing high quality and performance
  2. Improved product fit and shape
  3. Thinner product for 100% discretion
  4. Boosted absorbent core for 100% security

TENA Men illustration

Partner with TENA to give control back to men

  • 1 in 4 men over the age of 40 experience urine leakage[2], but many don’t use appropriate protection.
  • TENA partners with you to increase awareness and help you meet growing demand through our consumer campaign and business support.
  • With the innovative TENA MEN Guard, you can offer your customers masculine security and comfort that meets their top needs.

Recommend TENA Men and make a real difference to your customers and business.


1. CUT Superman 1 & 2, UK and Ge, base total n=251 men, Level 1 and 2 tested, responded satisfied and very satisfied, 17322, Presentation.
2. Male Urinary Incontinence Prevalence Study, 40+ year old men, UK, US, DE, IT, MEX, RU, self-reported methodology. SCA Study. 2013. Data on file