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The new TENA Bariatric Range is a combination of innovative continence care products and a selected range of Skincare products. Together, they promote the wellbeing of end users and reduce the demands of carers.

The Unique features of the new TENA® Bariatric Range

  • Bigger sizes for improved comfort and security for larger users
  • Better fit and more secure design for extra protection
  • Breathable materials for improved Skin Health
  • Odor control for increased freshness
  • No-rinse skin care products for convenient and efficient cleansing
  • Protective creams for the delicate perineal area

TENA Stretch™ Briefs

TENA Stretch™ Briefs offer 2XL and 3XL sizes to accommodate the specialized needs of bariatric individuals and provide more dignified and comfortable care.

  • Larger sizes for improved comfort and security for larger residents
  • Better fit for added protection
  • TENA® ConfioAir™ Breathable Technology on Stretch briefs for improved skin health
  • Odor control for added dignity

TENA Skincare Solutions

Maintaining skin integrity for bariatric individuals is a challenge because abrasions and chafing in the individual’s skin folds (e.g., breast, abdominal fold, and groin area) can be a common occurrence. TENA® Skincare products are non-irritating and pH neutral to protect delicate skin.

A range of TENA Skincare products have been specially selected for bariatric care:

  • No-rinse products for full body cleansing when mobility is a challenge
  • Perineal care products cleanse, restore and protect the delicate perineal skin during frequent continence care routines.

TENA Bathing Glove

Many bariatric individuals have large, heavy skin folds that can be difficult to lift and cleanse underneath. Bathing may also be a challenge because these individuals can be unable to access a bath or shower.

Suitable for the specialized needs of bariatric individuals, the TENA Bathing Glove helps to make baths easier and safer for residents and caregivers. Infused with a gentle body wash formula, the five pre-moistened gloves can replace the use of lifts.

TENA InstaDriAir™ Securepad Underpad

With maximum strength and absorbency, this pad doubles as a repositioning underpad for bariatric residents and other users.

  • High absorbency: holds over 2.5 liters of urine
  • Special breathable file helps reduce risk of skin breakdown
  • Super absorbent polymer with moisture lock helps control odors associated with incontinence
  • Waterproof protections for linens, mattresses and furniture