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TENA® Dry Comfort™ Brief

TENA® Dry Comfort™ Briefs offer TENA quality at an affordable price. This product has innovative features that help promote efficiency while providing a more comfortable, flexible fit for wearers.

  • Soft cloth-like feel
  • Readjustable Hook Fastening Tabs
  • Moisture Proof Lining

Soft cloth-like feel

No more plastic-type material. The soft fabric provides the wearer with a comfortable and discreet solution.

Readjustable Hook Fastening Tabs

Secure protection and high comfort. Promotes easy handling and unlimited refastenability.

Moisture Proof Lining

Runs the full length of the product and protects clothing and linens against wetness.

Odor Control Technology

Reduces the effect of urine odor.

TENA’s Curved Leg Elastics

Designed with body curves in mind, they ensure a close body fit for highly secure and comfortable protection.

Wetness Indicator

Wetness indicator on the outside of the product turns from yellow to blue indicating that in needs to be checked.

Product facts



Fits waist sizes:

34 in to 47 in

Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 12 Pieces
  • Case: 8 Packs

Fits waist sizes:

48 in to 59 in

Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 12 Pieces
  • Case: 6 Packs

Fits waist sizes:

60 in to 64 in

Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 15 Pieces
  • Case: 4 Packs

Product specification

Product Article # Color Absorbency Size Waist Min. Waist Max. Pcs/Case
TENA® Dry Comfort™ Brief 67640 Blue
L 48 in 59 in 72
TENA® Dry Comfort™ Brief 67620 White
M 34 in 47 in 96
TENA® Dry Comfort™ Brief 67650 Beige
XL 60 in 64 in 60