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TENA® proudly supports World Continence Week 2017

Let TENA help you navigate the new Requirements OF CMS Participation, eliminating complications and extra workloads for you and your staff.

See how TENA products and services can positively impact your facility!

Areas of specialty

Is it possible to reduce costs and increase compliance for residents with continence issues?... with TENA it is!

Resident-centered care, challenges of ROP compliance and cutting costs may seem like mutually exclusive goals, but TENA can assist in achieving all three. With our comprehensive continence care management approach, we can help impact up to 15% of your total costs. Let TENA help you and your team achieve compliance with better care at a lower total cost.

Contact us today to develop a customized plan to meet your new requirements of participation compliance while reducing overall facility costs.

ACHCA Video About TENA and TENA Identifi, TENA Bathing Glove and TENA Solutions