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Mollie's Giant Leap

By the time Mollie Kolenovsky was 86, residing at Brookdale Irving, Texas, she was no stranger to adventure. As a Civil Air Patrol volunteer during World War II, she had packed parachutes, promising herself that, one day, she’d be the one jumping from the plane.

TENA, in partnership with Wish of a Lifetime, was honored to give Mollie the experience she’d always dreamed of. On May 28, 2015, Mollie parachuted from a plane to make her big leap. She described it as the most incredible feeling she’d ever experienced. “We jumped out at 13,500 feet and came down at 120 miles per hour,” enthused Mollie. “I was so busy looking around at God’s handiwork. Everybody ought to see God’s work from above. It’s out of this world: beautiful.

Mollie exemplified how to embrace life full on, never letting age stop her.

Image of Mollie Kolenovsky Getting Ready to Parachute Jump - TENA Professional