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Understanding Superior Continence Care

World Continence Week is instrumental in providing awareness about incontinence and a forum to share research or findings.

World Continence Week 2018 – Raising Awareness

Incontinence is more common than people think. Between 4 – 8% percent of the world's population are affected by some form of incontinence. In total, that represents around 400 million people, making it imperative to increase understanding, awareness, and knowledge about bladder and bowel weakness to better support the needs of people experiencing incontinence.

Incontinence can be treated, sometimes cured, and always managed with effective bladder protection products. Personalized care should aim to improve the quality of life and confidence of people by maintaining or restoring continence, or managing incontinence with the right bladder and bowel leakage products

Identifying the type and cause of incontinence is the first step towards proper guidance and advice. With more than 50 years of experience in continence care, TENA empowers people through innovative product and service offerings to support care management and facility services. We work with you to tailor continence care that improves the quality of life for people. Because together we make a difference.

Download our infographic 10-Must-Know Facts about incontinence.