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Video components

These are the components that can display a video.

Promo box half image with video

Image 2:1 ratio. Can display video.
Remember the Alt-text

Video banner - Only shows image (3:1 ratio) and video button

This is a Two column component with video

You can have a video in a paragraph with text like to the left or just have a video in a paragraph like to the right.

You need to insert an image to go with the video. The image should be 2:1 ratio. 

Schema is "Double_Rich_Text"

Dont' forget to put in the media ALT Text
Remember the alt-text

This is a One Column Text component with video

The One Column Text component template can display videos.

An image need to be added to the video and it can be either 2:1 ratio or 3:1 ratio and is always displayed below the text field.

Schema is "Single Rich Text"

This text spans across two thirds of the page. You can add as many paragraphs as you like. You can place Promo boxes, Simple boxes or Testimonials to the right of the One Column Text using a Column Marker component to create an invisible grid.

You can have an internal or external link

Remember the alt-text